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Archived performance schedules...
2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997

Following is a sampling of Bob's performance schedule, for those who would like to see some of the venues he has played...

Partial Listing, call for updates (1-304-784-8818). All listings are musical performances, unless otherwise noted as childrens' show, non-musical or seminar instruction.

Better do your booking NOW, before your chosen date is gone!!

2009 Performance Schedule

02/14/09   Private Party, Logan WV
05/2/09   Coalfield Jamboree, w/ Daddy Rabbit
06/19/09   Snowshoe Resort, Public Defender Annual Conference
07/02/09   Freedom Festival w/ Daddy Rabbit
08/04/09   Crime Watch - National Night Out, WV (yep, a lawyer performing at a "Crime Watch" celebration)

2008 Performance Schedule

06/12/08   Hot Springs Arkansas, Arkansas Bar Association
06/19/08   Date Reserved, Lexington, KY Kentucky Bar
10/23&24/08   Date Reserved, Indiana, Indiana Bar

2007 Performance Schedule

01/26/07   South Carolina Bar Association - Charleston SC
March '07   VA Legal Aid Fund Raiser, Lynchburg, VA

2006 Performance Schedule

1/20/06   Kingsmill Resort and Spa, Williamsburg, Va -- Virginia Bar Association
6/3/06   India Center, Charleston (Date Reserved w/ Daddy Rabbit) Private Party
6/11/06   Hainer Farm - Private Party
7/01/06   Phipps Estate - Private Party w/ Daddy Rabbit
7/13/06   Alabama State Bar Annual Meeting @ Sandestin Hilton, Destin, FL
7/20/06   National League of Cities, Board Meeting, Stonewall Jackson Resort
9/23/06   Annual TEX MEX Festival - St. Barbara's w/ Daddy Rabbit
10/19/06   Blackstone Society, Wheeling, WV
10/20/06   Central Appalachian Society of Mining Engineers, Greenbrier Resort
10/26/06   North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh NC
10/27/06   Huntington Radisson, WVHPERD, Show w/ Daddy Rabbit
11/16/06   Oklahoma Bar Association - Tulsa OK

2005 Performance Schedule
Jan 22nd, 2005   Edgewood Country Club - McElwee & Robinson
Jan 28th, 2005   Date Reserved - Barbour Co. Chamber of Commerce
Feb 22nd, 2005   American Association of Engineers (Legislative Banquet) - Embassy Suites
March 3rd, 2005   Ducks Unlimited Annual Banquet (Bob as MC/ Auctioneer) - Tomblin Convention Center
March 13th, 2005   Association of Counties - Charleston Marriott
April 2nd, 2005   Challenge WV - Embassy Suites w/ Big Chill Band
April 4th, 2005   Delbarton Regional Ministries (Bob as MC/Auctioneer) - Williamson City Hall
May 19th, 2005   Stonewall Resort - Defense Trial Counsel Annual Meeting
Oct 11th, 2005   Annual Jim Dent Dinner - Charleston, WV
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Oct 25th, 2005   Flatwoods Conference Center, WVAHPERD (w/ Daddy Rabbit)
Oct 28th, 2005   Southern Conference of State Bar Presidents - Greenbrier Resort"
Nov 3rd, 2005   WE CAN Celebrity Dinner w/ Daddy Rabbit - Tomblin Convention Center

2004 Performance Schedule
January 19   Jackson Kelly Law Firm, Clay Center for the Performing Arts
February 18   WV Insurance Federation, Edgewood Country Club
March 18   Bob is MC/moderator for So. WV Political Debate - consult your cable.
March 27   WV State Bar, Greenbrier Resort
April 1   Bob is MC/Auctioneer for "We Can" Children's Charity
May 13   WV Hospital Association, Stonewall Resort
May 17   Energy and Mineral Law Foundation Annual Meeting, The Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA
May 20   Defense Trial Counsel, Stonewall Jackson Resort
July 24   Fayette Theater, Fayetteville, WV
Aug 13   Muncipal League Annual Meeting, Radisson Waterfront, Morgantown, WV
Sept 23rd   Harts Health Fair (w/ Daddy Rabbit Band)
Sept 25th   St. Barbara's Tex Mex Show
Oct 7th   Association of School Business Officials, Radisson Waterfront, Morgantown WV
Oct 24th   Embassy Suites, Adult Education Association
Nov 4th   We Can Celebrity Dinner, Tomblin Convention Center
Nov. 20th   Mountain Club Holiday Dance (w/Daddy Rabbit)
Dec. 3   Date Reserved; 15th Annual Noone Legal Services Christmas Party
Dec 17th   Logan Regional Medical Center, Christmas Party (w/ Daddy Rabbit Band)

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2003 Performance Schedule
March 6-10   (Schmoozing with the Big Dogs), N.Y.C.
April 14   WV Hospital Association, Pipestem Resort
May 2   Alaska State Bar, Fairbanks, Alaska
May 10   WV State Bar - Snowshow Resort
June   National Insurance Commissioner's Conf., Charleston Marriott
June 11   National Assoc. Unemployment Insurance Appeal Boards, Charleston Civic Center
August 20-24   Lone Star Rodeo, Annual Chili Cookoff & Rodeo (Appearing with my horse Sadie)
October 24   WVHPERD , Flatwoods Days Inn, (Appearing with Daddy Rabbit)
May 21-25, 2006   Internation League of Municipal Reporters

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2002 Performance Schedule
March 13   Summit County Trial Lawyers Assoc.(Sponsored by Norris & Norris), Akron, Ohio
March 22   Virginia Legal Aid Society Fund Raiser, Boonsboro Country Club, Lynchburg, VA
May 3   Appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit, Coalfield Jamboree, Logan WV
May 4   Annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration w/ Daddy Rabbit Band
May 10-11   State Bar function
May 15   Black Lung Association, Keynote Speaker, Flatwoods Conf. Center, WV
May 17 -18   Annual Almost Heaven Saddle Club Ride - there with my horse, Sadie.
May 24   Private event, Montgomery, WV
May 25   Logan County Fly-In ... If it's not music, then it's flying, OK?
May 30   CEO Conference, WV Hospital Association, Glade Springs Resort
June 6   Wes Pasco Bar Association, Tarpon Springs, FL
June 11-15   Nevada State Bar Annual Convention, Big Island, Hawaii (Our 2nd Hawaiian Gig!)
June 28   Maine Bar Association, Bar Harbor, Maine
July 23   Private Party - Cannan Valley Resort
August 3   Private Party - Charleston Moose, Charleston, WV
September 3   Harrison County Bar Association, Clarksburg Country Club
September 5   Lorman Business Seminars - Instructor for Workers Comp Seminar, Morgantown Holiday Inn
September 19   Appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit, Harts Health Clinic Outdoor Concert
September 21   WV Psychological Association, Pipestem Resort
October 10   Bucks Co. Bar Association, The Mayflower, Washington D.C.
October 22   Lewis County Bar, Stonewall Jackson Conf. Center
November 8   Stark County Ohio - Trial Lawyers
December 6   14th Annual Robert Noone Legal Services Christmas Party
December 20   Deleware Valley Underwriting Association, Sleepy Hollow Country Club

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2001 Performance Schedule
February 17   Appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit, Dinner for Democratic Party, Logan Middle School
March 8   WV Asphalt and Paving Association, Charleston Marriott
March 28   Seminar Presenter: Ethics Jeopardy, Fairmont, WV (with Bob Minto of ALPS)
March 29   Ethics Jeopardy, Charleston Marriott
March 30   Ethics Jeopardy, White Sulphur Springs, WV State Bar
March 30   WV State Bar Annual Convention, Greenbrier Resort, WVSB
March 31   Virginia Trial Lawyers Annual Meeting, Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA
April 6   SWVCTC Community College, Appearing with Daddy Rabbit
April 27   WE CAN Vaudeville Review - Coalfield Jamboree Theater, Logan WV
April 28   Logan County Bar Association, Chief Logan State Park
May 5   3rd Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration w/ Daddy Rabbit
May 19   Saddle Club, Boone County, WV
June 8-10  : Nashville, TN
June 26   Tarpon Springs, Florida - Wes Pasco Bar Association
July 19-22   Attorney Liability Protection Society, Missoula, MT - Bar Leadership Conf.
July 25   Presenter: Child Abuse & Neglect Seminar, Chief Logan State Park, WV
August 4   Phipps Ranch - appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit
August 9   Annual Municipal League Conference, Canaan Valley Resort
August 10   Logan Arts & Crafts Fair w/ Daddy Rabbit
August 26-29   6th Annual Lone Star Rodeo - Bob & Horse "Sadie" never miss this event. Chili Cookoff - 8/26
September 5   Presenter: Workers' Compensation Seminar - Nuts & Bolts of a Comp Practice, Morgantown, WV
September 8   Tex-Mex Fiesta, Private
September 15   WV Harvest Festival, Appearing with Daddy Rabbit
September 29 - October 2   San Diego
October 12   WVPEHD Association, Charleston Marriott
October 13   WV Professional Independent Insurance, Glade Springs Resport
October 15   Pipestem Resort, WV Association of Insurance Companies
November 9   Private Show, Frostburg, MD
December 6   Virgin Islands Bar Association, St. Croix, Virgin Islands
December 14   14th Annual Noone Legal Services Christmas Party
December 15   SWVCTC College w/ Daddy Rabbit
December 20   Auvil & Davitian Law Firm, Parkersburg, WV

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2000 Performance Schedule
February 3   Reception for Bob Wise, Governor Candidate w/ Daddy Rabbit Band
February 9   Insurance Federation Legislative Dinner - Edgewood Country Club
February 21   WV Association of Professional Engineers - Charleston House Holiday Inn
February 20-22   TBA - Prosecutor's Institute - Charleston Marriott
March 18   St. Patrick's Day - Private Party
March 21   Reception for Democratic Party w/ Daddy Rabbit Band
March 25   Nationwide Insurance Banquet - Embassy Suites, Charleston WV
April 15   WVU Alumni Dinner Honoring Senator Tomblin - Chief Logan Park Resturant
April 29   Frostburg Village Show (w/ Dr. Paul), Frostburg, MD
May 5   Cinco De Mayo Party, The Upper Room
May 8   WE CAN Benefit Concert, Coalfield Theater
May 11   Nevada Judicial Summit, Lake Tahoe, NV
May 15   Sante Fe, NM
May 21   Country Roads Saddle Club
May 27   Private Party, Kentucky
July 22   Performance with Daddy Rabbit
July 29   Emcee for LHS Class of 1975
August 3   Children's Show - Camp Virgil Tate
August 11   Logan County Arts/Crafts Fair /w Daddy Rabbit
August 15   WVLSP & Appalachian Legal Srv. Banquet - Flatwoods Conference Center
August 17 - 19   Glenville, WV
August 23 - 26   3rd Annual Chili Cookoff & Lone Star Rodeo (Bob and his horse, Sadie love this gig) Email Bob for more info on joining this event!
September 2   Country Roads Saddle Club -Private Party
September 15   Upper Room - Private Party - performance w/ Daddy Rabbit
September 16   TBA - Harvest Festival - Logan, WV- performance w/ Daddy Rabbit
September 24   Fayetteville, WV
September 30   TEX MEX Party, St. Barbara's - performance w/ Daddy Rabbit
October 12-15   Schmoozing in Nashville/Memphis
October 20   Glade Springs Resort w/ Daddy Rabbit
November 3   Allegany Medical Association, Medical/Legal Banquet, Cumberland, MD
November 4   Charity Auction @ Logan Elementary - Bob is "Celeb Auctioneer"
December 1   Noone Legal Services - Annual Christmas Party
December 2   Opening Act for THE DRIFTERS, Coalfield Jamboree
December 9   Kay, Casto & Chaney, Firm Christmas Party, University House
December 13   Flatwood Conference Center, 14th Judicial Circuit Party

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1999 Performance Schedule
January 23   WV Medical Association, Embassy Suites, Charleston WV
February 17   WV Insurance Federation, Edgewood County Club, Charleston WV
February 20   Nelson Mullins Firm Retreat, Kiawa Island SC
March 27   Virginia Trial Lawyers, Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs WV
April 1   Reserved for: Sales Executives Conference, Bluefield VA
April 14   Embassy Suites, Moderator for AMA Guides Seminar, Charleston WV
April 27   Glade Springs Conference Center, Beckley WV
May 1   Lakeview Resort, WV State Bar - Pro Bono Auctioneer, Morgantown WV
May 7   MC for Vaudville Review, Coalfield Jamboree Theater, Logan WV
May 8   Cinco de Mayo Celebration, The Upper Room, Logan WV
May 15   Hrutkay & Wilson Firm Party (1pm show), Logan Airport, Logan WV
May 15   Democratic Party Fund Raiser...appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit (7 pm show), Logan WV
May 28   Family Law Institute Meeting, Jacksonville FL
June 3   Legal Services Plan Seminar, (Luncheon Show) Lewisburg WV
June 4   Opening Act for T.G. Sheppard show, Coalfield Jamboree Theater, Logan WV
June 5   Private Performance, Marietta OH
June 13   West Virginia Manufacturers Assoc., Canaan Valley Resort WV
June 18   Elkins Days Inn, Randolph County Bar Association, Elkins WV
June 19   Public Defenders Conference, Canaan Valley Resort WV
June 21-25   Summer Music Camp for Abused/Neglected Kids (Music Therapy)
June 30   Opening for "Grease" (appearing w/ Daddy Rabbit), Chief Logan State Park Ampitheater, Logan WV
July 24   Frostburg Village (private show), Frostburg MD
July 31   Performance w/ Daddy Rabbit, 20th Anniversary Celebration of L.E.A.S.A., Midleburg Island, Logan WV (outdoor show)
August 18-21   Lone Star Rodeo/ Street Dance, Logan WV
August 12   Snowshoe Resort, Pressley Ridge Seminar for Youth Workers, Snowshoe WV
September 10   Show w/ Daddy Rabbit, Chapmanville Stadium, Chapmanville WV
September 26   Tax Institute 50th Anniversary, Oglebay Resort, Wheeling WV
September 27   Snowshoe Resort, Association of Insurance Companies, Snowshoe WV
October 5   Fairfax Westin, Washington DC
October 17   Carrere Construction - West Palm Beach FL
October 20   Private Show, Indianapolis IN
November 4   WE CAN Celebrity Dinner - Chief Logan Park Resturant, Logan WV
December 3   Coal Field Jamboree, opening for Bill Haley's Comets, 7 p.m.
December 3   N.L.S. 11th Annual Christmas Party (Bob does Disco!), Logan WV
December 9   Judicial Candidate - Private Party
December 11   Knights of Columbus - Christmas performance w/ Daddy Rabbit
December 13   LC Medical Association - private party
December 20   Delta Electric Corporation - private party

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1998 Performance Schedule
January 31   Shanghai University, People's Republic of China
February 6   Coalfield Jamboree Theater - featuring Cora Hairston, Logan WV
March 13   Dayton University Law School (private party), Dayton OH
April 2   Fincastle Country Club, Bluefield VA
April 3...morning show   Chamber of Commerce, Princeton WV
April 3...evening show   Rotary Annual Dinner, Chief Logan State Park, Logan WV
April 23   WV Judicial Association at the Marriott, Charleston WV
May 1   Vaudville Review, We Can Program, Coalfield Jamboree Theater, Logan WV
June 3   Self-Insurance Association, Charleston Marriott, Charleston WV
June 4   West Virginia Trial Lawyers Convention Opening Reception, Charleston Marriott, Charleston WV
June 7   Symphony Sunday (Children's Show) University of Charleston, Charleston WV
June 10-14   Nevada State Bar Convention, Sheraton Resort, Maui Hawaii
June 18   State Bar of North Dakota Annual Convention, Bismarck ND
June 26   4th Circuit Federal Judicial Conference, Greenbrier Resort, Lewisburg WV
July 9   4-H Camp Virgil Tate, (Children's Concert), Cross Lanes WV
July 14   C. L. Green Ranch, Boise ID
July 15   Idaho State Bar Convention, Boise ID
August 8   CHS '78 Reunion, Coonskin Park, Charleston WV
August 9   Logan Arts and Crafts Fair, Logan Memorial Fieldhouse, Logan WV
August 15   Frostburg State Theater Alumni, Mt. Savage MD
August 20   4th Annual Lone Star Rodeo, Logan WV
October 4   Moderator AADEP Disability Seminar, Pittsburgh PA
October 15   Legal Aid Benefit for Pro Bono Project, Wheeling WV
October 17   Meyer Darragh Firm Retreat, Ogleby Park, Wheeling WV
November 5   Children's Home Society Celebrity Dinner, Chief Logan State Park, Logan, WV
December 4   Noone Legal Services 10th Annual Chistrmas Party, Logan, WV
December 17   Pyles & Auvil Annual Firm Party, Parkersburg, WV
December 22   Reserved for Bar Association, Smithfield NC

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1997 Performance Schedule
March 21   Kanawha County Bar Pro Bono Project, Charleston WV
April 1   WOWK TV - Channel 13 - Live Performance During Morning Show
April 14   Kiwanis Mid-Year Convention, Chief Logan State Park, Logan WV
May 10   West Virginia State Bar 50th Annual Convention, Civic Center, Charleston WV
May 14   Presbyteral Convocation, John XXIII Center, Charleston WV
May 30   Fund Raiser for Legal Aid Society, Sons of Italy Hall, Charleston WV
May 31   Seminar Instructor - Juvenile Law, Lakeview Resort, Morgantown WV
June 6   Nicholas County Bar Association, Lakehouse Best Western, Summerville WV
June 8   Symphony Sunday, "Children's Show" 1pm, University of Charleston, Charleston WV
June 26   Kraznow & Associates - 20th Anniversary of Firm (2 shows), Roanoke VA
June 27   Just schmoozing at the Kiwanis International Convention, Nashville TN
July 10   Attorney Liability Protection Society (ALPS) performance for yearly conference, Missoula, MT
July 18   Aracoma Reunion (Host/MC for Sandy Sowell's Laser Kareoke Show), Chief Logan State Park, Logan WV
July 19   Moderator for American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (non-musical), Lexington KY
August 8   Logan Co. Arts & Crafts Fair - MC Show, Memorial Field House, Logan WV
August 9   Logan Co. Arts & Crafts Fair - Children's Show, Memorial Field House 4 pm, Logan WV
September 2   Harrison County Bar (TBA), Clarksburg WV
September 19   private show, John XXIII Center, Charleston WV
October 3   Rob Currie Reunion, Charleston WV
November 1   WVCLU Annual Dinner, University of Charleston WV
November 6   Children's Home Society Celebrity Dinner, Chief Logan State Park, Logan WV
December 5   Robert Noone Legal Services 9th Annual Christmas Party (Dance Music w/ the Gang), Rita Mall, Rita WV
December 6   International Industries, Inc., Logan Country Club, Logan WV
December 12   Virgin Islands Bar Association, Annual Convention, St. Croix USVI
December 17   "WE CAN" Children's Christmas Party (Children's Show), Chief Logan State Park, Logan WV
December 19   Kabala & Geeseman, Pittsburgh PA

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