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Bob Noone and the Well Hung Jury.
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Wingtips Optional
Chicken Suit for the Soul
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Known as "The Perry Mason of Parody",  Bob Noone is a devout satirist and comedic genius whose audiences range from family physicians to federal judges ... trial lawyers to insurance executives. Bob's live show is always an uproarious evening of song & story! Guitar Bob

Lifting melodies from familiar tunes of the pop, doo-wop, disco, and gospel genres, The Bob Noone Show revels in the outrageous by transforming current events into hilarious lyrics and stories. This lawyer, singer, songwriter and entertainer leaps out of the courtroom and onto the stage, performing his distinctive brand of humor before thousands, earning standing ovations and rave media reviews.

As you plan your events, make sure you are a hit with your company as well as your clients by spicing up an upcoming convention with The Bob Noone Show. This mixture of Elvis Presley, Robin Williams, and Perry Mason will be the noticeable difference between a typical meeting and one you will really remember.

Engineers, lawyers, boards of directors, and trade associations all sing the same tune:  [Book Bob Noone!]

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Musical entertainment for lawyer meetings, attorney conventions, and legal fraternities.
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